Bomb Voyage

by The Workout

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released February 22, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Jim Keaney at Devotion Recording
Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East
Photography by John Mooney and Sean Richardson
Graphic Design by Ian Oliver


all rights reserved


Track Name: Atomic Winter Blues
Light flickers across the cracks in this floor
I know these lines better than the ones on my own hands

Climb these walls, until my fingernails all chip like paint-
Flakes falling from the ceiling
I’ve lost track of whether this clock tells me of blue skies or moonlight

Here, you’d think reprieve would be preordained
But currently, the stagnancy’s hard to endure
I know I’m safe from harm, if I remain
But security means nothing to me
Track Name: Exit
Exit a battered doorframe
Eyes strain through such radiant light
And as they adapt, I take a step
I inch forward

We set forth below the afterglow
In the same town, but with all of its bones exposed
Why can’t I recognize this path?
It’s all got a couple of layers peeled back
Once green grass, now charred black
Earth crackles under my step

What have we learned, through all we’ve lost?
Reaching for a second chance
I swear that we’ll rebuild all that has fallen
Concept of home defined by the scars that we wear

Once were the days we had stable ground
But now we’re left to reminisce amongst the wreckage
I remember, I remember when

It was us against the wall, in a familiar fashion
When what you’re leaning on collapses, you learn what passion really is
All the time spent underground, separated from the masses
When your bed sheets turn to ashes, you learn where terror truly lives

On the surface
Finding ourselves through the depths of calamity
And I thank you for being my reason to save myself

I held your hand, but it was empty
And I asked for just a single thing
To share some shelter ‘til the weather passed
I know that we could have outlasted our surroundings dwindling

So why was it too much to ask?
To take my side in this dichotomy
To keep just a single thing intact?
You dug yourself out while you buried me

I’m still asking why
Why was it too much to ask?
Take my side in this dichotomy
To keep just a single thing intact?
You dug yourself out and buried me
Track Name: View from King Oak
As I continue down this road I don’t know anymore
I’m haunted by this reality and memories from before
And I need to stop thinking
And I need to meet some form of life
And I need a distraction from all of this

Then I see a pillar of smoke
I hear the commotion at the foot of the hill
And it can’t hurt to learn what these people have to say for themselves
Track Name: The Murrays
When the world came crashing down
Law and order hit the ground
We were left to fend for our own
So we hit the open road
Living only for today
The dead had nothing much to say
Now we're headed for a light
That's in the city, rumored some are
Still left alive

This is how it all began
Not with a whimper but a bang

"You entered our camp in the dead of the night"
"But I didn't mean to intrude"
"How do I know I can trust you?"
"We've got nothing left to lose"

This is how it all began
Not with a whimper

I can't do this alone
I can't do this alone
I can't do this
Alone, alone

"So we will be with you until the end"
"We've all lost something, but not all is lost"
"Travel through Hell, we'll leave no stone unturned"
"No man is an island anyway"

This is how it all began
Not with a whimper but a bang

We're all looking for something in the nothingness left behind
It got swept aside when it hit
We're all searching for a purpose in a world that's been left to die
And we must decide what that is

Left behind
Left to die
Track Name: Tech Noir
I smell blood, a sort of premonition
On my tongue, and I can taste the iron of
My teeth grinding as my blood turns into dust
Ghosts in my memories cause my mind to rust
Shadows cast by the light that we chase
Burn my soul into darkness, I cannot escape

I should have, oh I should have-
Trusted myself, I should have stayed away
Trusted myself, I should have stayed away

Plunging deeper into blackness
Not all is lost, but what is left?
I can’t seem to find stable ground
Now the time has come to lay these demons to rest
I don’t think havoc is quite strong enough a word

“I want blood for all the loved ones I have lost
Gone in a flash, all their bodies have turned to dust
The empty graves I dug, no rest will they find
I want an eye for the eyes that have left me blind
Or maybe I am wrong”

Too late to undo, the present we fell into
A momentary lapse to coarser grain
Enemies and friends are now the same
And I condemn myself, I condemn myself

I smell blood, a sort of premonition
Track Name: 93 North
Oh, we’re still pressing, in spite of weary legs
We have our scar-marked hearts to thank, not our unscathed heads
The heart said “cultivate,” the head said “fruitless chance”
Walking the outskirts, appreciate the circumstance

Now we move on for ourselves, and on our own accord
Before the first one ever dropped, we knew what this was for
Over scorching earth, we watched the skyline fall
But not all hope is lost, I swear that we’ll rebuild it all

Oh, it’s depressing, all these nepotists
And anyone who thinks that “DIY” is a worthless acronym
Your value’s worthless, inconsequential purpose
You never bled, bled for anything

We can’t let off this pace, with our backs to the past we embraced
Breathing with greatened haste, and a pain that we smell and we taste
Must push on and on, worse things will come
No end within sight, no rest tonight

“Oh heavens if you hear me, open and up and let me see
What this place used to be”
“What have we done? What have we done to this place?”
Before the first one ever dropped, we knew what this was for
You never bled for anything
Over scorching earth, we watched the skyline fall
You never bled for anything
But not all hope is lost, I swear that
We’ll rebuild it all, we’ll rebuild it all
Track Name: Hey Kid, I'm a Computer
Eyes ahead towards our fading redemption
As our sanctuary is reduced to rubble before our eyes

We fear what we can’t understand, soulless mechanisms
Standing between us and our only hope, salvation

Through this wormhole, we run
Separated, but not divided
But we’re spread so thin
Now divided, but not yet conquered

And as these tunnel walls cave in behind
We have nothing more to give
Approaching the surface, reaching our sought-after light

And as we stood in the shadow of what we thought was a beacon
We learned there was no shelter here, and something had awakened

Waking from ageless sleep or seeing light for the first time
There is no escape from this place set forth in this afterglow

Fade black, as its talons tighten their grip
Bones crack, consciousness is starting to slip
It’s hopeless, wondering if this will be
The end of us

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